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Why Restaurant Meal Delivery Is the Right Option For Eating Healthier

One of the benefits of choosing restaurant meal delivery is that our meals are fresh, never frozen. If you purchase frozen foods from the grocery store, some vitamins and nutrients are lost during the meal prep process. Our fresh foods maintain all of their nutritional value, so you can enjoy a truly healthy meal.

Another benefit of choosing fresh-delivered food from California Grill meals is that you don't have to use the microwave or oven. Sometimes, a microwave doesn't always perform within the given timeframe on the directions. With California Grill Meals, all you have to do is boil your food for ten minutes and it will be ready to go!

Another benefit of using a meal kit prep service like California Grill Meals is that you have gourmet-food straight from our chef. You will get meals that are tasty, nutritious, and you get a variety of choices every time you place an order. 

Benefits of Meals In Under Ten Minutes

There are a wide variety of benefits of meal kits. These include easy preparation, simplified decision making, and less food waste. California Grill Meal kits are a great way to have efficient, affordable meals.

  • Great for a budget: At California Grill Meals, you will never pay more than $14.73 per meal if you order a meal kit. If you make your own dinner you will likely spend about $70 if you procure all the ingredients that you'd like. 
  • Great for time: According to the USDA, the average dinner in America takes about 37 minutes to prepare. Our meals are ready in a matter of minutes, just 10. 
  • Less food waste: With California Grill Meals, you only order what you need. This reduces the amount of food that you waste. 
  • Good for nutrition: All of our meal plans include nutrition information to help you make healthy decisions when making your meal. 

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If you want to start eating healthier, more affordably, and enjoying good food without the hassle, try our meal subscription kits today.