Joe's San Francisco Special

   149.55 cal
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Make dinner a power meal with Joe's San Francisco Special! All the rich protein, nutrient-packed vitamins, and greens you could ask for make this meal a savory option anyone can enjoy.

A combination of Egg Whites, Seasoned Ground Beef, Spinach, and Scallions provides your body premium nourishment to fuel your body.

Scallions and spinach are both great for improving eyesight, reducing inflammation, and preventing arthritis making this meal one you can't go without.


  • Boosts metabolism and aids the digestive system
  • Rich in protein from quality egg whites and beef
  • Great meal for strengthening the body

Eat a hardy meal for lunch or dinner with Joe's San Francisco Special and order yours today!

Ingredients In This Meal

  • Egg
  • Oil
  • Onion
  • Spinach
  • Turkey

Nutrition Per Serving

Per serving
Ash 2.08g
Cal from fat 218.08
Calcium 85.94mg
Calories 149.55
Carbohydrate 4.14gm
Cholesterol 80mg
Copper 0.18mg
Dietary fiber 1.99gm
Folacin 128.14mcg
Iodine 0mcg
Iron 3.4mg
Magnesium 69.46mg
Moisture 0
Molybdenum 0mg
Niacin 4.05mg
Phospohrus 38.27mg
Potassium 579.51mg
Protein 33.48gm
Riboflavin 0.12mg
Sat fat 6.3gm
Selenium 0mcg
Sodium 314.22mg
Source Mfgr
Sugars 0.9gm
Thiamin 0.1mg
Total fat 24.31gm
Trans fat 0gm
Vitamin a 0re
Vitamin a 5iu
Vitamin b12 0.34mcg
Vitamin b6 0.48mcg
Vitamin c 0mg
Vitamin d 0iu
Vitamin e 1.66mg
Vitamin k 0mcg
Zinc 0.41mg
Nutritional info may vary slightly by time of delivery.
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