Pasta Florentine

Pasta Florentine
Pasta Florentine
Pasta Florentine

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Pasta Florentine

If you're looking for a meal to pick you up during the day then the Pasta Florentine is the way to go! It contains fresh basil, garlic, spinach, and parmesan cheese on top of bowtie pasta for those with a taste for Italian. 

You'll feel on top of the world and ready to finish up the day with all the energy you need from essential antioxidants and vitamins. 

The bowtie pasta is a great switch up from fast food items or takeout as we make each one with organic ingredients made to positively impact your health.


  • Great source of Vitamins K, Vitamins A, Vitamins C
  • Quality fiber to aid in digestion 
  • Low-fat entree with a nice Italian flavor to it 
  • Rich in quality carbohydrates 

Enjoy a touch of Italian to fuel your body with our Pasta Florentine and order yours online today!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! I cannot go back to regular meal prep after I tasted CG Meals!

Juan Chavez

Every meal I have tried so far is absolutely delicious! the customer service for this company is fantastic!!

Peter spadaro

We have enjoyed everything we have purchased from CG Meals. The portions are huge and all of the meals were delicious! And so easy to make. Dinner is ready in just a few minutes.

Grace Zimmerman

Like most people I've had my share of trying to find the right meal prep for me. CG Meals is by far the most delicious and fresh. It's like having a private chef!

Alex Hsiung

I’m loving California Grill! As a working mom it’s so simple and easy to prepare meals after coming home from work.You just boil water and in 10 minutes dinners ready! Can’t wait to order my next kit.

Melanie Frausto

This was perfect for my husband and I. I didn’t have to worry about meals for almost the entire week and that saved me some time!

Daniela Torres

This is hands down the best quality meal kit I've ever had. Compared to Hello Fresh and Sun Basket, the quality of the proteins was much better. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Scott G

We ordered two meals. They were delicious and easy to prepare. Just plop in noiling water, cut open the bag, and serve The portions were enough for two meals if you aren’t a big eater. It’s the next best thing to being there. Miss you and your staff.

Elizabeth B.

The meals I've had were salmon, cod, chicken kabobs, pot roast, cajun shrimp and they were delicious. However the tuna salad didn't arrive fresh, lettuce, cucumber and avocado were wilted.The tuna salad was very tasty.

Sharon S.